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Our all-inclusive range of smoking accessories features diffusion stones, diversion safes and storing jars, but it also includes gas mask pipes, glass on glass clips and many other miscellaneous smoking accessories.

Ash catchers

Ash catchers help you get a smoother hit. As their name implies, they catch the ash, adding another level of water filtration, thus keeping your water pipe cleaner. Our ash catchers come in different sizes and shapes.

Pipe Slides

Our glass slide bowls and down slides come in several sizes, so that they match your particular water pipe. These pipe accessories consist of glass down tubes with separate lift-off bowls.


Flo Scientific Glass’ collection of water pipes, bubblers, ash catchers, slides and bowls is here to provide you with stylish and durable hand blown smoking paraphernalia, featuring the highest grade borosilicate glass.


Grind your herb or tobacco using one of our herb grinders, which come in multiple designs and materials, such as plastic and metal. We carry both the basic 2 piece grinders and the more sophisticated 4 piece grinders.

Hand Pipes

We carry a very large variety of glass smoking pipes, from the basic ceramic hand pipes to the unique water bubblers. Also, don’t miss our chillums, our decorative pipes, and those that are made of dichroic glass or frit.

Soft Glass

For those who prefer the more retro look of the classic pipes, our soft glass water pipes will surely be of high interest! Browse our traditional pipes, our etched glass pipes, our hand carved pipes and our new animal pipes.


Our array of Pyrex-brand glass percolator water pipes feature a single perk, a double perk, and a triple perk pipe, all providing different levels of smoke filtration and cooling that grant a far more pleasurable experience.